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Owner/Contact: Bryan Brown
Phone: 978-870-7138
Address: 22 South Street, Hopkinton, MA
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Guaranteed Rate, one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in America, offers residential mortgages to people looking to refinance or purchase the home of their dreams. By simplifying the loan process, hiring only the best of the best employees, and developing cutting-edge tech, Guaranteed Rate can bring both low rates and the highest level of service to every customer.Branch Owner Bryan Brown has been in the lending business since 2003. His goal is to provide his clients with the best mortgage products at the lowest rates with a simple process. Give Bryan a call to refinance or help you with your next home purchase


BEWARE OF CYBER-FRAUD Before wiring any funds, call the intended recipient at a number you know is valid to confirm the instructions – and be very wary of any request to change wire instructions you already received. A Guaranteed Rate employee will never provide nor confirm wire instructions.

From 2012-2019 I have been recognized by Mortgage Executive Magazine as a Top 1% Mortgage

Originator in the U.S. Please keep in mind that I can finance mortgages in all 50 states!