What is included in the welcome?

Your welcome includes a variety of local introductions, coupons and special offers. Information includes town and school materials, home services, medical and veterinary professionals, personal services, about town activities, financial services and dining options.

How long does a welcome take?

Each welcome is different and the time it lasts depends on you and your needs. A visit can be done in as little as 20 minutes but we are available to stay as long as you need to fully explain each service and answer all your questions. Someone new to the area will likely need more information than someone moving from a neighboring town.

Is there any follow up?

Hometown Hospitality does not automatically follow up after our welcome but please feel free to use us as your personal local resource. We are available via email or phone to answer and/or research any questions you might have after we leave.

Does it cost money? Do you sell anything?

No. The welcome package is a free service to all new homeowners. Hometown Hospitality is strictly an introduction service and DOES NOT sell anything.